Cool Hindi Movie Dialogies

"Khade khade muh kya dekh rahe ho, jaao, ab to sab ka muh meetha
karna hai."
(standing standing why face you looking, go, now we need to sweeten
everyone's face)
"Parameswar ki kripa hai, masterjee"
(who cares how the heck it happened,
just shut up and take advantage of it.)
Frail girl in white salwar lying on a charpoy, dying of the hindi
movie script writer's favourite fatal illness... yes, "Munni ko
blood cayncer ho gaya hai"

"He bhagwan, meri jaan le le, aur mere beti ki jaan bacha de"
(hey god, if it's all the same to you, wanna trade my life
for my daughter's?)

By this time, everyone is resigned to the fact that the daughter
will kick the bucket within the next two minutes, just in time
for daaktarjee to come in and check her pulse... as the background
singers start clearing their throats for the obligatory
" chorus"
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