Hindi Movie Dialogues To Promote Sanskrit

A Sanskrit-teaching academy based in Ahamdabad is using the dialogues from Hindi movies to promote India’s oldest language, Sanskrit.

This initiative has been taken by the Academy to break the popular view that the Sanskrit is a language which is hard to learn and of little use.

Eklavya Sanskrit Academy (ESA) has been using the dialogues from some Bollywood super hit movies like Sholay and Deewar, which is then translated into Sanskrit. This initiative is aimed at promoting the ancient language among the youth and general public.

"There is a myth prevailing among people that Sanskrit is a difficult language. They also think of it as a language which has no use," Mihir Upadhyay, director of the academy, told reporters.

"But, the language has immense potential. Even the advertising world quotes Sanskrit shlokas and many manuscripts hold great knowledge. We want to create awareness about Sanskrit and promote research," he said.

"We also want to show people that Sanskrit is an easy and interesting language. To popularise it, we recently did an experiment by using dialogues of around 17 superhit Hindi films to attract people, mainly youths," Upadhyay said.

For example, the famous dialogue by Amjad Khan (Gabbar) in film Sholay, "Ab tera Kya Hoga Kalia? (What will happen to you Kalia), will be translated as "Kaalia, tav ki bhavisyasi?" in Sanskrit.
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Nice posting. Do you know about these Sanskrit books?


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